Saturday, September 4, 2010

It Felt Like The First Time!

I have been on yoga hiatus for 7 days. I guess this is the norm for some of us yogis during the summer, what with vacations and company coming...although I am sure that there are also some who can keep their regular practice going.

I have been enjoying my sleep-ins, but also missing my morning yoga. Last night, I psyched myself up to practice today. It's been really difficult for me to get the momentum back after being AWOL for a week, and not practicing my norm of 4-5 days a week. When I did the 30 Day Challenge, I felt as if I was on an adrenaline rush to keep going and going, like the Energizer bunny :) Those were the days when I attended the 6:00AM class during the work week!!! Nowadays I have not been getting up early enough to go back to it. For some reason, my body has not been in-sync with my mind. Sometimes my body wants to practice, but monkey mind takes over. Other days, my body wants to rest, but yoga mind wants to go and sweat it out in the hot room. As one of our teachers has said many times, "You walk the dog, don't let the dog walk you." So today, I would like to "walk the dog", and keep it that way hopefully so I will get my groove back sooner than later.

Ugh, my practice today was not the usual (or better). It felt like the first time I tried this yoga. I sat out for maybe half of the Standing series. I was out of breath, I was dizzy, and my body felt like a ton of lead. I always fare better during the Floor series, and I was relieved that that was the case today. Just before the Camel Pose I made up my mind to stay in the posture the entire time, especially since I know our teacher today will keep us holding it a few more (excrutiating) seconds longer during the second set. And true enough he did! As my head was upside down looking at the back wall and the rest of the class (I was up front by the way), and with majority of my fellow yogis getting out of the posture before the teacher said so, I was determined to stay put. And stay put I did, until just a second or two before he said "put your hands back on your hips...", letting out a grunt of relief (and triumph):)

As much as my practice today was not the best, I still felt great because:

1. I made it back to the hot room after being away for a week;
2. I managed to stay in the room, still not taking water during class even though monkey mind was tempting me to get the bottle from the change room;
3. I survived the killer second set in Camel Pose;
4. I was not afraid to be right up front, right close to the mirror. Normally I would stay at the back if I haven't been practicing regularly; and last but not the least...
5. I know my body and mind are thanking me for giving them this long overdue workout.

Good day, Mommy. I love you.

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