Monday, March 29, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Now or Later?

I would love to do the 30 Day Challenge, in its true form, i.e., practising Bikram Yoga every single day for 30 days. Some yogis and yoginis would do doubles (attend 2 classes in one day) if they miss a day. There is a debate about this: some argue that if you miss a day, you gotta start over. I think I agree with this in that the whole point of the challenge is to practice yoga EVERYDAY.

So what is keeping me away from the challenge? Well, it's a 60lb pretty little thing ~ my 10 year old daughter. In order for me to meet the challenge, I would have to attend 4 weekday classes at 6:00AM so I can be home in time to get her ready for school. I don't really go for classes held in the afternoon or evening, as I would rather spend time at home with the family. Wednesdays aren't a problem as it is my day off and I attend the 9:30AM class. My daughter is not a morning person, and getting up on her own to make her breakfast and be halfway done by the time I get home is HER challenge. She does have an alarm clock, but she doesn't quite get that one has to be up and about soon after it goes off. I did a "dry run" once. Soon after the class ended at 7:30AM, with my instructor saying "Namaste" and leaving the room, I made a bee line for the shower. I was home by 7:50AM. I enter the house...everything was quiet, and upon rounding the corner to the kitchen, I noticed that all the breakfast stuff (bread, Nutella, butter knife, breakfast plate) that I had left on the counter for easy access, were still untouched. I go downstairs to find my daughter still sound asleep, and in 20 minutes the bus would have already left. Eeeks! Oh for the love of God, did you not hear the alarm, girl?!? Oh, but my daughter, as much as she sleeps like a log, got up like a shot, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, and was out the door in due time! Whew! Yup, she does really well under pressure!

So, with April around the corner, should I bite the bullet and go for it? As we say in Tagalog, "Abangan and susunod na kabanata" (Stay tuned for the next chapter)...


Lala said...

you. are. one. of. us. (was that too creepy? LOL)

whoa, how come i just found your blog now?

i recently discovered this thing called stats and a bunch of other tabs on blogger, and anyways, after bouncing around, i noticed that you have my blog on your roll. well, consider the favour returned.

i have a year of catching up with your blog...great, now my reports will never see the light of day. :p

YoginiBear said...

Kamusta, kabayan! :) HappyYogi recommended your blog to me, and I enjoy your posts! Thank you for blogging about our food :) I have created a Pinoy food blog but I haven't had the chance to kickstart it. Same with me, I have lots to catch up on YOUR blog--favour returned as well! :)