Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bikram First Thing

I bit the bullet and hauled myself out of bed at 5:00AM to prepare myself for the 6:00AM class. I hydrated well the night before, had two Medjool Dates, but was quite unsure whether I should have a little bit more an hour before class. I thought I'd play it safe by having about 1/2 cup, hoping that it's digested on time.

Driving out in the dark, I arrived at the studio at 5:50AM. My instructor greeted me with a cheerful smile ("I'm still trying to wake up!"). I enter the room and counted about 6 people, with a few more coming in. It's quite a turnout for a very early class, but I figured they are probably heading straight to work right after class.

I brought my water bottle in, just in case. My excuse is that I wasn't sure how well hydrated my body was, so I would consider it as first aid and not a security blanket. I didn't need it after all. I was very happy with my practice. I am now a convert to going waterless during class. The breath is such an amazing thing!

Will I now go to the 6:00AM everyday? Until the next blog...Namaste!

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