Monday, March 15, 2010

What? Waterless During Class? Absolutely!

When you log on to a Bikram Yoga studio web site, there is information about what first-timers should do to prepare themselves for the hot room. The most important thing to do is to hydrate well before and after class, and to go in with an empty stomach. It also reminds everybody to bring 2 towels, yoga mat, and water. Up until a week ago to this day, I had been religiously bringing my water bottle to class. There is an official water break after the Eagle Pose. After that point, water may be taken at will in between postures. I don't really drink a lot during class. Just a few sips here and there. Then it's partytime after class...load up on that water fortified with Emergen-C like there's no tomorrow! Better yet, have some coconut water!

So what is this crazy idea of not taking any water at all DURING class? How is that possible? The room is hot (at least 100 degrees F), you're sweating buckets while going into all sorts of bodily contortions on top of that, and you're telling me that it is humanly possible not to take even a sip of water during class? Yes, water addicts, IT IS possible. Where did this idea come from?

Casually chatting after class one day last week, a friend recommended that I read Mary Jarvis' blog. Mary Jarvis is a San Francisco-based Bikram Yoga instructor. I couldn't wrap my head around it and I would have dismissed this idea but when she told me that she tried it and found that she had more energy during class, I thought, if she can do it, I'm sure I most certainly can!

I immediately embarked on this waterless journey by constantly hydrating myself throughout the day, and taking 1 litre of water before bedtime. I had planned on attending the 9:30AM class, so I drank another litre 2 hours prior, and didn't eat a thing. I brought my water bottle, but left it in the change room. Yep, I can be THAT gutsy if I really want to! :) During class, I ran out of breath during Standing Bow Pulling Pose, and was a little bit jiggly during Triangle Pose, but overall I felt really great! The key is to breathe in and out through your nose slowly. While everybody else was reaching for their water bottles, I was standing or lying still, breathing in and out through my nose slowly. I had the thrill of my yoga life last week on Waterless Day 2, when my instructor praised my practice that day! Woot! Woot!

Today is Day 4 of going waterless during class and to add to this challenge, I attended the 6:00AM class on DST mode! I was really happy and pleased about my practice this morning. I did, however, take my water bottle to class, but did not drink from it at all. My excuse is that I wasn't sure if I hydrated myself well enough, as my last water intake was the night before, and I took in about 1/2 cup when I got up at 5:00AM.

So, how would you like to go waterless, and add this to your list of challenges? I highly recommend that you read up on it first. Click on the link below:

Good luck! Namaste.

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