Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Checking Back In

Summer is almost over. It took a while for it to get going. July was pretty much a write-off as far as sun lovers go, but for me, well, it didn't really bother me. It's pretty much out of my control. That's Mother Nature for ya. She throws curve balls too.

My yoga practice has taken a vacation. I wanted to keep the momentum going, but life outside the yoga studio took over. My practice has been off and on, off and on. The thing that I dread about an inconsistent practice is the starting over part. You get to where you want to be, then you stop, then you start again, and now you're back to square one. The hips need to be opened yet again, the hamstrings need to be stretched again, the balance has to be regained, etc., etc. The one posture that keeps going despite these absences is my Camel. I can still hold the Camel the entire time...for both sets. Yes, even if it's Mr. Suggestion at the helm :) Oh, and the water bottle is still waiting for me in the changeroom instead of keeping me company during class. It is amazing how not being distracted by taking water during class helps keep the mind focused on the tasks at hand.

While my practice has been sporadic lately, I still check in once in a while. I know this is okay. It is MY practice, after all.

Good night, Mommy. I love you.

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