Saturday, June 9, 2012

5 Glorious Minutes of Savasana

Yesterday I practiced at 5:45PM. Not my usual time, but I felt I had to be in the hot room. My right shoulder/neck area has been out of whack lately. My doctor advised to keep stretching, as maybe a nerve is pinched. It was a hot class. Pranayama breathing again was out the door. My neck just would not stretch far back enough and I still couldn't keep my elbows above the heart. I kept on getting out of the whole posture. I was worried that the rest of the session will go down the drain. The Standing Series for me has always been touch and go, but the Floor Series is a whole different ball game. I always have more energy and success on the floor. I guess it's the 2-minute Savasana. I am still not drinking water during class. When the rest of the class is taking water after the Standing Series, I am already on my back enjoying Savasana. I have the whole 2 minutes to reap its benefits. When it's all over, I am ready to rock and roll on the floor. Yesterday, I was able to do the Camel Pose, although I had to get out of the posture a few seconds early. But I did it, and I am happy with that. When the class ended, I decided to stay in Savasana for a whole 5 minutes, instead of my usual 2 minutes. I counted 300 seconds, then left the room, and cooled down with my water before showering. When I got home, I had some dinner, and hydrated well. I am amazed at how my body felt renewed, like having a "reset" button pushed. Usually I feel so tired and ready to just lie down in bed and do nothing. Yet last night, and all of today, I felt more energized. I think it's that 5 glorious minutes of Savasana that made all the difference. Of course if one is on a tight schedule, this may not be possible, but 5 minutes is not really that long compared to having the rest of your day feeling like a million bucks! Just sayin'... Good night, Mommy. I love you.

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