Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yoga Roller Coaster

Yoga bus...I call it the yoga roller coaster.

It has been 23 days(!) since I last practiced. It was time. My body was sending me signals that it is craving this yoga. My right arm at times has been feeling numb, tingly, like it's not getting enough circulation. No chest pains this time, thankfully. I started psyching myself up last night to make sure that I do not miss today's class. I was also determined to attend Bettina's class this morning. She just got back from Teacher Training, and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to see her today.

Today's practice sucked, as expected. Every joint of my body was rusty. My balance was totally off. For someone's sake, even my Toe Stand was a disaster. I initially dreaded the Camel, based upon how I was performing up to that point, but luckily I survived it, and not having told to hold the posture for a few (excruciating) extra seconds! Thanks, Bettina! :)

When the 90 torturous minutes were over, I was happy to lie in Savasana and take my time to enjoy my rest. I was very relieved to have survived this class after being away for so long. I am still not taking water during class, thank goodness, although I must admit that in the close to 9 months of being waterless, there were times when I wished that that security blanket was within reach. How I wish I can come every day. If I can't, I will somehow make up for it. May take longer than usual, but I'll get there. I have the rest of my lifetime to do so.

I am determined to do another 30 Day Challenge. I am thinking of doing it again in April 2011, to make it an annual April Challenge. My dearest mother passed away in April of this year, the day before the last day of my 30 Day Challenge. I am anticipating that every April from now on will be a sad month for me, so hopefully the Challenge will help me deal with my loss. And to pay tribute to the woman whom I adore, and love so much.

Good night, Mommy. I love you.

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