Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trying to Stay on the Saddle

I have my Wednesday off back!!! AND! I get to practice yoga TODAY!

I always get Wednesdays off. But for the past two Wednesdays, I've been scheduled to work. As much as I welcome the extra dollars, having the middle of the work week off breaks the monotony of having to show up for work for five days straight. My Wednesday yoga practice is always something I look forward to.

I had two rest days since my last practice. My practice today was certainly a lot better than the last time. As I moved from posture to posture, I started to notice where the Christmas goodies have gone to rest: my waistline, my thighs, my neck. My flexibility has been compromised; I still have a few inches to go before I could touch my forehead to the floor in Separate Leg Stretching. However, my Standing Head to Knee seems to keep going strong. I tried to touch my head to my knee and I almost did for a split second before I had to release. I know one day I will be successful. Looking back on how my very first practice was and where I was, and comparing it to where I am now, I know that anything is practice at a time. Namaste.

Good night, Mommy. I love you.


Catherine said...

This is so beautiful, especially, "I know that anything is possible." Your determination comes through your words so well! I'm happy you have your Wednesdays back. :)

Lorrena said...

Thank you, Catherine! I am totally hooked on this yoga. It's amazing how it teaches one to be patient and to persevere no matter how high the bar is set :)