Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Days 23 and 24 - The Body Speaks Out

I'm back to blogging. Been away for a while. Haven't had anything significant to write about.

My body has been crying out lately. It has been subjected to 22 days of yoga--I missed days 15 and 16 though--so I can't really blame it. It has been telling me to take it easy. I've been feeling some tweaky pains on my left side below the waist, from my hamstrings to my glutes. Any posture that involves stretching the hamstrings is a struggle, save for Standing Separate Leg Stretching where I can now touch the floor with my forehead, no problemo.

So today when I would normally attend the 6:00AM class, I decided to sleep in and go to the 9:00AM instead. Best decision made so far. In my mind, I totally rocked it. Worth noting was my Standing Bow Pulling Pose. I pushed past my edge, and tried to level my torso parallel to the floor with my leg kicking back and up towards the ceiling. When I reached that edge, I felt a tweak in my leg, and for a few seconds I was able to gain an inch or two maybe of depth. I did fall out, but boy, did that ever felt great! It is simply amazing how much one's body can achieve if you set your mind to it.

It has been a great Challenge. Although a part of me would like to get this done and over with, I have to admit that it will be very difficult to let go of the routine. My practice has come a long way, and it is very evident that one must keep a semblance of a routine in order to enjoy the benefits of this yoga. A friend once told me that I am a "binger and a purger"...I have to chuckle...what, an anorexic and bulimic yoga practitioner? I guess so, and we all know what the effects are of this. A consistent, regular practice is the key to a happy and healthy life.

Good night, Mommy. I love you. Namaste.

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