Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 5 - Breakthrough

I didn't have a perfect class this morning, but it was the best class ever since I started the challenge on Monday. Day 5 I would label a "breakthrough" for the following reasons:

1. Strong Pranayama = for a 6:00AM class where I have to haul myself out of bed at 5:20AM to get ready, having a strong Pranayama IS worth a lot!

2. I didn't feel dizzy during Hands to Feet Pose, and I am a few inches away from locking my knees with my face pressed against my legs and chest pressed to my thighs.

3. I was able to hold the Eagle Pose for 1 FULL set = I used to fall out on both of them!

4. I was able to hold Balancing Stick for 1/4 set = I couldn't hold 2 full sets at all!

5. My Trikanasana is getting stronger for 1 set = because I had been putting too much weight on the bent knee, I had been falling out of the posture as it hurt too much. I discovered that if I try to focus on stretching up and down more, there is less pressure on my knees.

6. My Toe Stand is getting stronger everyday. I am now able to balance with both hands in Namaskar, and my balancing foot does not hurt as much doing so.

Notice how the Standing Series is more challenging for me than the Floor Series. Known as the warm-up postures before the TRUE yoga, i.e. the Floor Series, I believe these postures were tailor made to wake up the body. Maybe the reason why I do better with the Floor Series is because by that time my body has already been through the wringer.

I appreciate the little corrections and words of encouragement that teacher L. consistently does during her classes. Thank you! I truly believe she pays very close attention to each student, and never fails to acknowledge the efforts we all put in.

Although I was up when it was still dark, worked a full day, came home to get dinner ready, I still feel energized and not tired at all. My day at work was very busy, I met a lot of clients, there were a few challenges, but I was able to muster through thanks to the energy that my practice today had given me. I was very reluctant in the past to go the 6:00AM classes on days when I had to work a 9 hour shift, but today's practice proved that this yoga will give you energy to get you through a tough day.

Good night, Mommy. I love you.


Juliana said...

I completely agree about L. She is a wonderful teacher that really tries to be so aware of all of her students. I get up for her early classes even when I don't have to!
Was great to see you this morning!

YoginiBear said...

Same here, J.! Hope to practice with you again soon!