Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 = Great Vibes, Great Energy, Great Class!!!

9:30AM with Weronika
Room temperature: 110 degrees F = 43 degrees C

I was pumped today, really pumped. It has been 3 straight days of yoga practice, and my body has recovered from the slump of missing 3 days. I could feel my muscles aching a beautiful ache, one that tells me, reminds me, that my body is saying "THANK YOU" for giving it life once more. I had voiced my intention to do another 30 Day Challenge to my fellow yogini, B.E., and she wondered whether I am going to attend the 6:00AM class during the work week. I said that I worried more about missing 3 days because I will be away visiting with my hubby's relatives. I could go to a studio close to where I will be on those days, but they do not offer as many classes as my home studio. So, I think I will just give it a go anyway. I will see if I can sneak out "safely", i.e., without incurring the disapproval of my in-laws.

Weronika led the class today, and she said that since she started teaching, she has never seen a class that executed the Camel as well as we have today! Woohoo! She also commented how much the regular practitioners have improved, and that there was such a great energy in class today. In as much as one's practice is personal, it also affects everybody else's. I think there was only one who stepped out of the room, but I think he/she went back in right away.

Posture of the Day: Standing Head to Knee
It was an A-HA! moment for me. As I have written in previous posts, this posture has been a real challenge since the very beginning. My hands always, always slip off my feet, therefore I couldn't hold the posture in its entirety. My grip is always on the ball of my foot, just under my toes. Today I tried to hold on to the arch of my foot, as I have seen a teacher trainee do while I was looking at photos on the net. VOILA!!! A-HA!!! I was able to hold the posture much, much longer than usual. I was so happy inside!!! So now, my next challenge is to be able to hold it long enough for me to bend my elbows and touch my forehead to my knee. Nothing is will just take time...

Good night, Mommy. I love you.

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