Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back in the Saddle with the Boss

Yesterday, I was back in the hot room after a three-day hiatus. It was a special class with the Boss...on CD. My studio played the CD for the 1:45PM Karma class. I thought it would be fun to have him leading the class, although it would have been a treat to have him on the podium as well!

So this was what being away for three days got me. Legs that wouldn't put up with Standing Bow Pulling Pose! I simply could not extend either leg without the standing leg screaming at me! But you know, it was such an eye opener, how one's body is never the same at any given time. How one day, your legs are almost way up there no problem, then three days of rest later, they simply refuse to move.

It was interesting to have Bikram Choudhury teach. I found some of the sets very quickly executed. Some, quite longer than usual, like second set of Rabbit Pose. He does talk a lot. Second set of Half Tortoise Pose was very long...then we were on to Camel Pose, no Savasana. At least some of us thought so. Either we didn't hear him say "Change!" or he simply decided to forego Savasana altogether.

I wonder what it would be like to go to Los Angeles and take a class with Bikram in the flesh. I just might jot this one down in my bucket list.

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy. Kisses to you, to Lolo and Lola, and all our loved ones there with you.

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