Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010 = A Welcome Surprise on the First Anniversary of My Practice!

Well, friends, I missed yesterday's class...deliberately. I didn't sleep in, I woke up at the appointed time, used the washroom and instead of getting ready, I went back to bed. I stared at the ceiling and the time. I got up again, seemingly determined to go, went back to the washroom and put my contacts on, then did an about face and went back to bed. It's Friday, it's my hubby's day off so he's sleeping in, the little one is still in dreamland with about 2 hours to go before she has to get up and get ready, so I thought I deserve a little sleeping in too. I blame it on the weather. It's June, this is Victoria, so why is it still freakin' cold and grey out there? It really isn't motivating weather; I need the sun to be out to get me up and going!!!

Yes, I missed my yoga. This is what I get for missing a day. But I felt so sore that I needed to get a day's rest for my stretched out muscles to relax. I figured this one day's rest and penance will pay off the next day.

Today marks the first anniversary of my Bikram Yoga practice. I couldn't believe it has been a year! For those who know me very well, sticking to an activity for a year STRAIGHT is NOT an attribute of mine. I tend to lose interest quickly. So having been successful in not dropping out of hot yoga is a BIG DEAL for Lorrena!

Today, a Saturday is a work day. Only the 3:45PM class will work for me. Not my favourite time of the day to practice, but I was determined to go. I got to the studio in time, picked out a nice spot towards the left side of the room and in the second row--not my usual "nest" as I tend to stay on the right side. It's funny, but somehow I felt right there and then that I will do well. Pranayama breathing is my "litmus test"; how well I execute this breathing exercise determines the outcome of my practice. I felt great, save for a few tickles in my throat that I had to endure. Oh did I mention that we had Peter teaching today? I love "Mr. Suggestion" in that his classes are like mini-posture clinics. He doesn't just say the dialogue. He gives us valuable corrections, pointers, and of course, suggestions on how to execute the postures properly.

I was very, very pleased with my practice today. I was surprised that I did well. I am usually tired by this time of the day. I did prepare myself well by not having Chinese food for lunch, although I did have a 2-weiner sandwich, a few nacho chips for $5 to support a charity group, an orange, and a tofu dessert. I also hydrated myself well.

Peter had the fans going today, and I was positioned right underneath one. I was sweating a lot, but also enjoyed some cooling drafts that tempered the heat. At the end of the practice, I felt so energised, so good, so envigorated. I had a bounce in my step, my day is set. If all 3:45's turn out this way, it may become my new favourite class time!

Good night, Mommy. I love you.

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