Saturday, March 12, 2011

Don't Be Scared...Just Try It!

So today, our instructor noticed that I didn't have water to drink after the Eagle Pose (aka the official water break). I then replied that I do not take water during class. She then said that she's too scared to do it. I should have pointed to my temple, in order to express that one CAN survive for 90 minutes in a hot room WITHOUT water, as long as you conquer your monkey mind AND you are well hydrated BEFORE class. Don't be scared...just try it. A year ago, I just "held my breath and jumped right in". I read Mary Jarvis' blog (her link is posted on my blog under "To Drink Or Not To Drink"), then I went right ahead and stopped taking water cold turkey. I must say that right from the get go, I felt fine. Even better was the fact that I had no extra luggage in my gut that would hinder the back bends and forward bends.

I guess with anything in life, one must sometimes just DO IT. Sometimes without thinking. Thinking too much might all the more scare you into forging ahead. Sometimes taking a few risks here and there are worth taking. As long as you come out of it alive, it's all right. Don't we say, "Oh you'll survive!" to people who are scared in taking that bold step?

Yeah, it may just be that security blanket/towel/water bottle in class is hindering what is possible. Don't be scared...just try it! Namaste.

Good night, Mommy. I love you.

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