Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"We Need Some Energy..."

It's a Tuesday and it's my day off. Bonus. I seldom get Tuesdays off. So there I was, showing up for the 9:00AM class. After a glorious, sunny Monday, Tuesday greeted our beautiful city with the cold and damp. If it had been December, I would not have gotten out of bed. But I have the momentum back and I felt that it would be such a waste not to practice today.

In the change room, I was greeted by a familiar face, that of my neighbour down the street where I live. She said, "You have energy, please give us some energy, we need it today!" I'm not sure if I just happened to show up when she felt like saying that, but hey, it sure felt great that she had said that to me. THAT gave me energy, for sure! I replied, "Oh boy, the pressure is on!" :)

As much as we focus on ourselves for 90 minutes, little do we know that our fellow yogis do notice, do feel the energy in the room. Without our noticing it, we do help our fellow yogis when they're not feeling 100% by sharing our energy. We talk about how much this yoga has improved the quality of our lives. What could be better than knowing that, at the same time, it is also encouraging others not to give up on themselves. Namaste.

Good night, Mommy. I love you.

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