Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 11 - Congratulations, 101 Day Challengers!

First of all, I would like to congratulate all those amazing yogis and yoginis who were successful in meeting the 101 Day Challenge which ended today. An extra pat on the back for those who religiously practiced every single day for 101 days, i.e., WITHOUT missing a day of practice. I personally am determined to do the same for my 30 Day Challenge. So far, I have not missed a day.

It was pretty upbeat at the studio for the 7:30AM class today, a Sunday. It was a lovely, cool, beautiful spring day in Victoria this morning. A little cool for Victoria standards, but nevertheless, I felt it was worth giving up the luxury of a Sunday sleep in for. I was the first to arrive at the studio (again!) but was joined a few minutes later by our instructor and my yoga buddy (who is a 101 Day Challenger). I know I didn't have to rush in there on a Sunday morning, but I prefer to be super early as I get very anxious if I don't have a lot of time to get settled in.

So how was Day 11? I think today was one of my strongest classes so far. Although my lower back feels a bit sore from pushing myself to do deeper back bends, my body still felt very energised. Poses to note here are the Half Moon, Awkward, Balancing Stick (I didn't fall out early on this one), Eagle (I was more conscious about proper alignment and was able to hold the pose the entire time), Cobra (my lower back felt very strong enough to hold the pose properly the entire time), Camel, and Rabbit. Eleven straight days into the practice, I can say that I've come a long way but I am also aware that I have a lot to learn and a lot more potential to harness. I have a lifetime ahead of me on this journey. I hope I will not lose steam. Namaste.

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