Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 22 = Back "Home" Again

Day 22 - April 22, 2010 - 6:00AM with Laurel

Ah, I was back "home" at 6:00AM.  As much as I was so elated with my practice yesterday at 9:30AM, I was happy to be back to my early morning class.  I think I will continue this routine, even on my days off.  I felt a lot better this morning than I did several practices ago.  My body has recovered from the soreness, so now it is ready to be pushed and challenged again.  But as Laurel said at class today, yoga is not meant for us to suffer through it, or to be "killed" by it.  We must listen to our bodies, to know when to stop pushing and challenging it when it says so.

My Standing Head to Knee Pose was fine.  Not as good as yesterday's effort, but definitely better than most of the previous occasions.  I sometimes wonder if I am ever going to succeed in holding my leg parallel AND touching my forehead to my knee.  One day it will happen, I just don't know when. 

The highlight pose for today would be the Full Locust.  I felt very strong going into it as well as holding my chest up high for both sets.  My arms and legs also held up well.

As I left the studio, greeted by glorious daylight,  I was already counting the hours until I am back again.   

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