Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 4 - A Date With The Easter Rabbit

Day 4 was Easter Sunday. I made a date with the Easter Rabbit during the 9:30 class. It turned out to be a “comfortable” class, i.e. not too hot and not too many people in attendance. I was able to spread my arms for the Full Locust without having to touch my neighbour. Needless to say, my execution of the Rabbit Pose is pretty fair. My aim is to be able to position my thighs so they are perpendicular to the floor, and not on an angle.

One of my friends at the studio said that the rest of her family were going to church for Easter Sunday services. She had considered going with them, but in doing so would mean she would have to do a “double” (2 yoga classes in a day). She’d signed up for the 101 Day Challenge. On her 93rd day, she had not done a double ever, and she’s not about to ruin her record, even for church. Oh the things we do (and don’t do) for yoga!

So what did I have to give up for yoga? Sleeping in, especially on Sundays. It would have been nice to just relax in bed on a Sunday, but I’ve been feeling an enormous satisfaction in going to yoga early in the morning. I feel so energized for the rest of the day that it’s worth getting up early for.

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