Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 8 - A Personal Record Broken and One Embarrassing Moment

Today marks eight straight days of yoga, and my personal record of six straight days from last year is now history. Twenty-two days to go, and I am setting my sights on the 60 Day Challenge. My husband just shakes his head, and wonders why I subject myself this: getting up at dawn just to go the hot room to sweat with other sweaty people. Bless his heart, I know he is enjoying the benefits of my practice. I am much better company, although my daughter is quite adept at pushing my buttons! I have been maintaining my ideal weight, despite the carbs I am still ingesting, but now in moderation. I am able to wear those hipster jeans, not "Mummy" jeans! My posture has greatly improved. My appetite is not as voracious as it used to be. I don't eat copious amounts of food anymore. I do drink lots and lots of water which is what we all should be doing.

How did I do today? Well, I was surprised that I was stiff going into the Hands to Feet Pose which very seldom happens. I am within centimetres of locking my knees and becoming a Japanese Ham Sandwich (no gap anywhere with the face plastered onto the shins). But during the first set I was so stiff it looked like I was a newbie at this. I was so relieved that the second set was way better! My Standing Bow Pulling Pose has also improved in that I was able to hold my body down parallel to the floor longer. My Balancing Stick is stronger as I felt strong enough to stretch my arms forward, keep my hips square and stretch my legs back and up. I have been taking into account all the corrections that my instructors have pointed out to me during class. I have been concentrating on the proper alignment rather than depth.

One embarrassing moment? I was doing the Eagle Pose and trying to align my hips forward and balance my weight onto my heel. When I settled my weight down, I burped...down there...good thing my instructor was still talking when this happened...oh jeez! Namaste!

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