Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 18 = Not Even a Sunny Day Will Keep Me Away From the Hot Room!

Day 18 - April 18, 2010 - 7:30AM with Abbey

It's nice to practice first thing in the morning, that way you have the rest of the day to do other things, especially on a sunny day. Our daughter was away on a sleepover, so after hubby and I finished breakfast, we did our weekend cleanup before heading out to the hardware store (not my cup of kombucha tea!). We tried a Naanwich and had ice cream for afters. See how perfectly my day turned out, with yoga practice first thing?

Now on to the not-so-hot room (I meant the temperature). Abbey thought the room wasn't that hot today, and some of us agreed. I checked the thermostat after class and it was set at the same temperature as usual. Nevertheless it was a great class with Abbey. The room had great vibes, and it does wonders for everyone present. I was initially worried that I would not do as well, because my Pranayama breathing was not 100% today. Honestly though, it's not my favourite. But how you do this exercise sets the tone of your practice. The highlights of my practice today were my back bends. I tried very hard to lock my knees and keep my weight on my heels for the first one, which is very challenging for me. I still have to find that balance as I tend to lose an inch or so of depth whenever I lock my knees. I was very pleased with my Camel Pose. I am trying to arch my back more and more each day. I couldn't see myself in the mirror, so I don't know if my thighs are getting close to being perpendicular to the floor. My Eagle Pose was stronger today. I make sure that I align my hips squarely to the front (a reminder from Abbey a few classes back). After class, Bettina shared a helpful tip for the Hands to Feet Pose, while she's having her coconut water and I my Emergen-C water...ah, so refreshing!

Big things come in little packages. I'm aware that there are some little changes happening every time I show up at the studio. It may not be much but a little goes a long way. Some days I may take "two steps back", but that's just my body telling me to back off a little. As much as much as I would like to do well each time, the reality is I may not. Yoga is a reality check. It humbles you, it keeps you grounded, but at the same time, it also celebrates your talents. You are unique and special in your own way. Namaste.

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