Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 5 - Have Faith In You

Today is Monday, April 5th. My family had Easter Sunday dinner at my sister's place. We didn't arrive home until just before midnight, and my hubby and I had a glass of wine before bed. I would have refused because I will be going to the 6:00AM class. I decided to have it in the end as it is a nightly ritual that my hubby and I look forward to. I made sure I drank a litre of water afterwards to counteract the effects of the alcohol I just consumed. I went to bed at 1:00AM; thoughts of not rising at 5:15AM and not being able to execute the postures to my liking flooded my mind.

My body clock is pretty efficient; I hardly oversleep and most times I am awake before the alarm goes off. I made it to class on time, with a clear mind and determination to do well, to let go and move on if I couldn't hold a posture the entire time, and welcome the next with a renewed faith in myself. I left the studio with a big happy smiling face.

While at work a few hours later, a customer of ours stopped to chat and complimented me on my good posture. Wow, that made me feel like a million least! This is what 10 months of practice does to you. What will be in store for me when I complete the 30 Day Challenge? Have faith...

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