Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 7 - I Forgot The Darn Sticker!

I had planned on attending the 9:30AM class today as it is my day off. But since I've gotten into the routine of getting up at 5:15AM since Monday, and having the rest of the day from 8:00AM to do chores and chill out, the 6:00AM is looking more like the class of choice. I will miss my 9:30AM class buddies, but all is not lost because I will see them at 7:30AM on the weekends.

So how did I do today? Well, I felt less stiff so I guess my body is starting to get used to all that stretching and pulling. I was very happy with my Standing Head to Knee Pose as I focused on the foot that is raised, rather than the standing leg thus helping me stay in the posture longer. I used to focus on the knee of the standing leg, but having consulted Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class book, I read that it helps if you focus on the raised foot and keep it flexed towards the face. I was amazed at how much longer I was able to hold the posture, not the entire time yet, but hopefully I will get there one day.

Rushing out of the room soon after the instructor had left, I made a bee line for the shower. By the way, it was quite a busy class today, I'm guessing more than 25, majority of them women. It's gonna be a long wait for the shower if I don't high tail out of there! Having had my shower, all refreshed and cool, I drove home, and it dawned on me that I forgot to place a sticker on the 30 Day Challenge board...darn!!! It's somewhat the highlight of my practice, to see more and more stickers beside my name. I feel like a school girl being rewarded for something. I had to restrain myself from driving back just to pick out a cool sticker. Oh well, there's always tomorrow...sigh...Namaste!

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