Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 11 - High Energy in the Comfort Zone

The change room at the studio is a hubbub of activity after/before classes. It's an opportunity for the yogis to share their experiences in the hot room. This morning, with the 7:00AM class over, and as the 9:00AM yogis come trickling in to get ready, I was treated to a nice chat with one of my first yoga buddies, K/C (I don't know which initial applies). She and I were in Ren Soriano's posture clinic two years ago at Bikram Yoga Sidney. Since then, we have been comparing notes about our respective practices. She does back-to-back classes and she said that I should try it sometime, as the second class is really not that hard. She was also the one who got me started on the "no water during class" regimen that I am practicing to this day. Hmm, so who knows, maybe a back-to-back towards the home stretch of my 30 Day Challenge will come to fruition.

Energy level is on a high still. My alarm is set for the appointed time, but I kept waking up every hour a good four hours BEFORE. My poor hubby complained that I kept him awake from all the fidgeting. I think I was just too excited and couldn't wait to get back to the hot room. Upon arriving at the studio a good 20 minutes before the start time, I find myself having to decide where to park my mat. I always gravitate to the front, unless it's on a weekday when I have to make a dash for the showers so a spot closest to the door is most ideal. So the change in routine only involves which side of the room--right of the podium or left of the podium. I used to love being closest to the side mirror, but lately I've been avoiding it, as much as I would like to see myself during Trikanasana. Maybe tomorrow, if no one beats me to it, I will park on that spot.

Change is good. Change is good.

Good night, Mommy. I love you.

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