Saturday, April 30, 2011

Days 31 and 32 - No Rest for the Not-So-Weary

Yup, I'm like that Energizer bunny that keeps going...and going...Believe me, I was planning on taking a rest after completing the 30 D-C, but why stop when I still have the momentum? Or maybe it's more like I am just afraid to stop because I might not want to start again? The 5-week hiatus last winter was the worst thing I have ever done in the history of my practice. It was a very difficult journey towards getting back to where I ought to be. Once I got going, everything is all right in my yoga world again. I am loving every minute of my practice, and especially AFTER! that taking a rest is in the back burner for now. Teacher Laurel said that I should stop when I feel like I REALLY want to take a break. She told me about her friend who kept going for 805(?) days, and she's about 60 years old. Then she stopped, and that's okay. I don't know about 805 for me...but knowing that it's possible, I will keep that in mind.

I was at our local pub one evening with my work family, and one of the ladies told another colleague that I am a Bikram yoga practitioner. He said that being one will allow me to enjoy my pub grub without guilt--I had a Mediterranean pizza and a peach cooler, and a few nibbles of nachos to start :) I love to eat, and I must admit that during Savasana, I do think about FOOD. This morning I couldn't wait to have some Kombucha! I love that it's sparkling like Coca-Cola, which I still drink but in moderation, but so much better for you.

So, there are 28 days more to go until the 60 Day Challenge is over...hmmm, it doesn't seem that long. Better stock up on stickers...

Good night, Mommy. I love you.

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