Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 21 - A Stiff Start, A Strong Finish

Pranayama was brutal today. I could not bend my neck back as per usual. A stiff neck was the culprit. Thankfully, by time the second set of the first back bend came around, I was able to hang my head back, albeit only just. This goes to show how much the joints open up in so little time in that heat and humidity.

A. was at the helm today. She has such a soothing manner about her, and with years of experience she has a lot of tips and knowledge to share with us. It was such a great class today with a lot of yogis in the room, and it wasn't sweltering either.

A few postures which were challenging in the past rocked today. There are days when YOU JUST GET IT. I've been practicing for almost two years now. I've read the two Bikram Yoga books (the blue book and the orange book) multiple times. I take my practice quite seriously. I internalize the corrections and suggestions the instructors give to me. But sometimes, you know, there are days when nothing works, and there are days when everything just falls into place. I loved my Balancing Stick, Cobra, and Camel Poses today. Knowing when to push, when to back off, and reconnecting with the breath are essential to a strong practice.

Nine more stickers to place on the board...

Good night, Mommy. I love you.

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